Seaweed Liquid
Product Details


1. Promote the flowers and fruits setting rate,fruit expansion,color up,good taste,precocity,an increasef storage time and endure to delivery ,increase output by 20%-30%.

2. Enhance crops’resistance ability ,resilience,speed up yellow leaf to turn green,lobule become large ,prevent the drop f stems leaves ,flowers ,fruits ,have the eficacy of prevening dying sout and rotting root.

3. Adjust soil harden,enhance the vitality of crops an protect the nutrient balance and healthy growth crops.

Applicable Crops:

◆Fruit Trees(Grape, Apple, Orange, Peach, Papaya, Banana etc. )  

◆Vegetables and Melons(Leafy Vegatables,Tomato, Cucumber, Rhizome etc. )


◆Coffee, Olive, Tea, Medicinal Crops


Foliar Spraying:

Dilution ratio 1:1600 to 1:1500

Irrigate Root:

Dilution ratio 1:200 to 1:300

Germination Stage: 1:(800-1500)  

Rapid Growing Stage: 1:800

Fruit Stage: 1:600

Germination Stage: 15-30L/Ha  

Rapid Growing Stage: 30-45L/Ha

Fruiting Stage: 15-45L/Ha

Package :  


According to Customer Requirements


Delivery Time:  

10-12 Days