Seaweed Liquid
Product Details

Technique introduction and advantage

Taking high-quality brown seaweed like ascophyllum,sargassum and kelp as raw material, and applying high-tech enzymolysis technology and low temperature extraction to gently decompose the seaweed cell wall, so as to extract the beneficial properties and plant factors, and cleave macromolecular nutrients into small molecules which could be fully absorbed and utilized by crops, realizing nutrient enrichment through concentration under normal temperature conditions and other technologies.

The enzylomysis technology can avoid the problems of algal nutrient activity damage and pollution of product and environment.

The product completely retains the diversity and biological activity of algae nutrition, including alginic acid, algae collagen, mannitol, betaine, indoleacetic acid and other organic nutrients, plant natural growth stimulating hormone, and calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, boron, zinc, selenium and dozens of trace elements and polyphenols and other plant growth regulators.Each process is based on the principle of well-preserving seaweed essence, which has high biological activity, can thus stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants, and regulate the balance of endogenous hormones.

Original juice, original taste, multiple nutrition, increase harvest and income.

Seaweed extract efficacy:

1. Improve the overall growth quality of crops/plants;

2. Enhance the ability of crops immunity so as to better resist drought, waterlogging, low temperature and other negative environments;

3. Enhance crop disease resistance and induce plant to develop disease resistance;

4. Improve the soil, the growth and propagation of beneficial bacteria produce a large amount of organic matter, significantly improve the soil aggregates structure, increase the ability to maintain fertilizer and water, eliminate hardening, and improve soil fertility;

5. Increase yield and efficacy, promote the content of amino acid, VC and sugar in the fruit, improve overall flavor.

Packaging Details:

5L/10L/20L barrel or 200L/barrel

Application Method:
Drip Irrigation:

to dilute it with water for 1kg-5kg/Ha. Dosage:1.5-3/kg/Ha

to apply 3-4times in whole growth period

reproduce seaweed fertilizer:dilute with water at 1:7


1. Apply to all crops and plants.

2. Friendly to be mixed with most pesticides, and is strictly forbidden to be mixed with herbicides and alkaline pesticides.

3. Storage and transportation: dry and cool, avoid long exposure to strong sunlight;

4. Shelf-life: 3 years