Seaweed Liquid
Product Details


1.Promote root bursting fast, seedling growing fast and Green keeping.

2.To promote the fruit expanding and strengthen the color of fruits.

3.To solve the problems caused by continously croping and prevent damage caused by heavy weather.

4. Professionally treat malnutrition: root degradation; dysplasia; weak plant; plant yellowing: root rot; dead plant; take root strengthened .

Application Method:

Foliar Spraying


Irrigate Root

Dilution Radio 1:400 to 1:800


Dilution Radio 1:200 to 1:300

Germination Stage:15-30L/Ha

Rapid Growing Stage: 30-45L/Ha

Fruit Stage: 15-45L/Ha

Applying Crops:

Vegetables, fruit trees, tomato, cucumber, flowers, tea and so on.

Product Introduction :

Our seaweed root fertilizer is made from Kelp seaweed. Kelp seaweed is a kind of delicious sea food for Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Besides alginate acid, it contains luxuriant mannitol, iodine, gibberellin, CTK, indoleacetic acid and many necessary microelement for crops, for example, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, etc. In fact, Kelp seaweed is the best and most expensive raw material of seaweed fertilizer.

We produce seaweed fertilizer by biodegradation. We have gained ISO: 9001 ISO:14001 certificate  used for production, environment protection and export. We do not add any chemical products or damage the active constituent of seaweed during the process and remain all the nutrients of Kelp seaweed. We do not extract any element, so all the nutrients of seaweed can be used in fertilizing the crop. 

We have been concentrate on fertilizer production for 13 years and continue our ideas in the future, this is the biggest advantage upon other seaweed fertilizer manufacturer from China.






Delivery Time :7-12 Days