About Us

Qingdao JingLing Ocean Technology Co.,Ltd) was established on July 21st,2006,our factory is mainly engaged in research,development,manufacture,sales and technology creation of organic fertilizer .With advanced production facilities and technologies,we have become the leading enterprise of China’s organic fertilizer industry.

Our Factory

Qingdao JingLing Group has a leading Application Engineering Research Center for alginic acid and chitosan Application Engineering Research Center, and we also cooperate with overseas team Canada Ou Dika Seaweed Group. Our "research" body joint innovation with leading domestic and Biological Engineering Research Institute China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao Agricultural University and other forged, We have made fifteen core patents. After transforming scientific and technological achievements, group has had Alginic acid series and chitosan series new products, fully meet the grain, vegetables, fruit, tea, flowers and other different crops healthy growth and quality requirements.