Amino Acid
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Quickly stimulate the growth potential of plants and enhance their ability to transform nutrients. Sugar-alcohol complex can carry nutrients and conduct them freely and quickly. Then mineral nutrients, trace elements and other nutrients are introduced into the tissues and organs of plants by phloem, and nutrients can be quickly decomposed and released for crop growth and utilization. Rational use can significantly reduce the physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency, such as bitter pox, cracked fruit, umbilical rot, sunburn, chaff and so on, improve the quality and hardness of fruit, increase the brightness of peel, prolong the fresh-keeping, increase the disease resistance and storage time of crops, and improve the appearance quality, shelf life and taste of fruit.




Blue, liquid


 ≥100 g/l

sugar alcohol





≥25 g/l





Amino acid



1. High content: more than 30 grams of available calcium per liter and more than 100 grams of sugar and alcohol per liter.

2. Water-soluble: sugar alcohol Calcium dissolves in 1 second, and its moving distance in plants is 2.6 times that of traditional calcium.

3. Increase yield and quality: reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases, Apple bitter pox, pear black heart disease, grape waterlogging disease, tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon navel rot, celery black heart disease, carrot spot disease, lettuce top burning disease, cabbage, cabbage and potato dry heart disease, etc.

4. Double channel calcium supplement: Calcium sprayed on fruit can be absorbed directly through fruit surface, and calcium sprayed on leaf surface can be transported to fruit through vein, which is a calcium fertilizer product that can continue to be used after fruit bagging.

5. Good mixing: It can be mixed with most or foliar fertilizers to improve the medicinal properties and reduce the cost of use.

6. Anti-pesticide damage: pure natural chelating agent, without chloride ion and any hormones, no damage to the plant after use, no spots on the fruit surface;

7. High stress resistance: enhance the resistance of crops to drought, salt, freezing, sunburn, pests and diseases;

8. High absorption and utilization ratio: Calcium fertilizer sprayed on fruits or leaves can quickly penetrate into the cuticle of fruits or leaves and enter into the interior of fruits or leaves. Because the area of leaves is much larger than that of fruits, the total absorption area of calcium supplement is greatly increased, the waste of calcium agent on the surface of leaves is avoided, and the absorption of calcium is greatly improved. Utilization rate: If daytime light is strong, dew can be absorbed by plants at night, and the absorption rate is high.


Spraying: Flowering to young fruit: 1000-3000 times dilution foliar spraying, can promote flowers, preserve flowers, preserve fruits, puffing stage: 800-2000 times dilution foliar spraying, prevent cracking, malformed fruit, etc., spraying 2-3 times per season can be.

Irrigation root: diluted 800-1200 times and then irrigated on the root, 1-2 times a season.

Drip irrigation: 2-3L per mu, the number of times used depends on the growth of the plant. 


1. The product is fast-soluble, permeable, and has high fertilizer efficiency. It does not need excessive application in order to avoid waste.

2. If the product has precipitation, it will not affect the use effect, and it will be used after stirring evenly.

3. Store in a cool, dry place that is not easily accessible to children and is not edible. It is forbidden to mix with food.

4. Don't put it upside down. Handle the goods lightly.

5. The product is non-toxic, and the effect of spraying on sunny morning is better.

6. It is strictly forbidden to mix with strong alkaline pesticides.