Fish Protein
Product Details

Fish protein powder:





 Free amino acid


 Total amino acid


Organic matter








Product character: 

1. Increase resisting stress ability:
Can effectively raise soil temperature to against environmental stress caused by low temperature and other adverse environment.
2. Improve crop immunity:
The rich immune polysaccharide fatty acid stimulate crop's physiological functions, improve crop's antiviral ability.
3. Promote rooting and strengthen seedlings:
Promote roots growing ( accelerate the new roots and nourish the old roots ), promote crop growing strongly.
4. Supplyment nutrition and promote crop reproduction and growth  
Improve fruit quality and crop yield, prolong crop harvest time and shelf life.

Role description:

1. Small peptide can save energy required for plant protein synthesis and apply it to rooting, reproduction and fruiting of crops.

2. Cryogenic biotechnology process, retention of protein activity, growth factors of deep-sea fish and cold-water algal excitatory factors.

3. Rich in L-amino acid peptides, 18 kinds of amino acids play their respective functions and functions in the plant.

4. Improve the palatability and quality of crops, improve the content of amino acids, sugar and vitamins in fruits, and improve the color and surface light of fruits.

5.100% deep-sea cold-water fish without any hormones or chemicals added.Natural, pollution-free, safe and non-polluting water source.

6. Small peptides that can be directly absorbed can be used as precursors of substance metabolism to promote the synthesis of plant hormones, enzymes, chlorophyll, cell walls and other substances, thus promoting growth.

7. Small peptides can improve the disease resistance and bactericidal ability of crops, and can enhance the resistance of crops, especially in severe weather and diseases, and can promote the recovery of crops as soon as possible.

8. Increase the absorption of nutrients and minerals in the soil.

9. Increase the number of microorganisms in the soil, enhance the activity of urine enzyme and protease, and increase the release of soil nutrients.


1.The application on water soluble fertilizer:
Can be used for producing functional water soluble fertilizer, especially with the unique fish taste.

2. The application on solid fertilizer:
Can be used as active peptide synergist for producing solid granular fertilizer, improve fertilizer use efficiency.
3. Directly use:
Directly use by flushing with water, drip irrigation, spraying application or use together with other fertilizer.

4. It can be used with other fertilizers or pesticides.

5. Foliar spraying or drip irrigation: 400-800 times of water, dissolve and disperse evenly.


200L Drum