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Product character: 

1. Ultra-high efficacy: EDDHA iron is the most bioavailable EDDHA OO isomer molecule. It is the top product of EDDHA chelated iron. It has a very high bioavailability and is recognized worldwide as a symptom of iron deficiency in plants. Leaf disease is the most effective professional product.

2. Super stability and solubility: It has excellent stability in the range of pH 3-9 in the soil and is the most stable chelated iron which is currently recognized internationally.

3. Good compatibility: It can be used together with various insecticides, herbicides, etc., which greatly saves agricultural time, is convenient to use, and can be stored for a long time.

4. High safety, good sustained release and long duration. It has been experimentally demonstrated that EDDHA chelated iron fertilizer has the characteristics of non-toxic and harmless, no side effects, less application, complex greening and high yielding efficiency.


Black or red Brown Powder or Granule



Ferric content


Solubility in water

Completely soluble

PH(1% Water Solution)


Chloride content


Ortho-Ortho content




Cadmium (Cd)


Cobalt (Co)


Nickel (Ni)


Lead (Pb)


Mercury (Hg)


Chromium (Cr)



1. Root application: Dissolve EDDHA iron with a small amount of water, and then add appropriate amount of water as needed. Round the fruit tree canopy or dig a 15-20 cm deep groove along the sides of the plant, pour the solution evenly into the groove and fill it immediately. The amount of water added will be evenly distributed in the groove and infiltrated into the root.

2. Drip irrigation and rushing application method: regularly add to the irrigation water, with the water, the number of applications depends on the severity of iron deficiency, the amount of increase or decrease, 70-100 grams per acre.

3. Foliar application: Dilute 3000-5000 times with water.

4. As a raw material for foliar fertilizer, fertilization and compound fertilizer: EDDHA chelated iron in the soil with a pH value of 3-12

It can be well absorbed inside (the higher the pH value, the more obvious the advantage of EDDHA chelated iron relative to EDTA chelated iron and ferrous sulfate), when the crop is not lacking water and basic fertilizer, the application effect of the product Will be the best. Since the lack of a fertilizer can also cause the lack of other trace fertilizers, the lack of fertilizer should be determined before application, and can be combined with other chelated micro-fertilizers such as zinc, manganese, magnesium and the like. EDDHA chelated iron can be stored at room temperature for a long time, but it is convenient for users. It is recommended to store it in a dry place. Seal the package mouth once it has not been used.


Stored in original packing at a dry place at ambient

Temperature(below 25) Exposure to sunlight may cause degradation of the product