Haijingling Group Participates In The 5th CAC Pakistan Summit


We, HAIJINGLING GROUP, participated in the 5th CAC Pakistan Summit held in Lahore International Expo Center, Pakistan from November 20-22, 2019.


Before the exhibition, we were fortunate to participate in the CAC International Conference-2019 hosted by the organizer. Listened to keynote speeches on various aspects of Pakistani agriculture from authoritative sources, including "Chinese Pesticides and Industrial Transfer in Future-Pakistan", "Challenges of Agriculture in Pakistan" "the favourite fertilizer for salt-affected soils" and so on.


At this exhibition, we also exhibited our hot products like 40% green seaweed extract and 30% black seaweed extract microparticle. At the same time, there are Seaweed organic granular fertilizers, Humic acid fertilizers, and Liquid functionalfertilizers which are popular in the Pakistani Market. Our products have received the attention and praise of customers.