Seize the commanding heights of the organic water-soluble fertilizer of Bialgae Source Biostimulant! Haijingling "Zaodeli®" shines on the market


On August 1, 2020, Qingdao, the coastal city of midsummer, was filled with romantic comfort and the refreshing taste of beer. Qingdao Haijingling Seaweed Group (hereinafter referred to as Haijingling)’s "Thousands of Businesses, Thousands of Stores and Billions of People" Summit kicked off in Qingdao Star River Hotel

Li Guomin, President of Qingdao Haijingling Group, Xiong Sijian, Secretary-General of China Biostimulant Alliance, Liu Jun, Deputy Commander of Qingdao Agricultural Administrative Law Enforcement, Media of "Agricultural Materials and Markets" and more than 100 Haijingling core distributors from various provinces and regions across the country People attended and witnessed.

August 1 is the 93rd Army Day. Choosing to hold this event on this sacred and bloody day also shows that the sea whale spirit is unique. And choose this important node to once again launch its own brand-new special fertilizer strategy product-Zaodeli® (bialgae source biostimulant).

With the integration of water and fertilizer, the in-depth advancement of functional water-soluble fertilizers and soil improvement, and the industry expects and calls for revolutionary products, the launch of Zaodeli ® can be described as the right time for the industry to be a sea whale. A qualitative leap, the impact and significance are self-evident.

Undoubtedly, it has opened a brand new title page of Bialgae Biostimulant Organic Water-soluble Fertilizer, which is destined to be a new era of water-soluble fertilizer industry, which will surely stir and lead the trend of water-soluble fertilizer in the future.

This masterpiece full of ambition and ingenuity of the sea whales also allows people to see the strength and strength of this cutting-edge special fertilizer enterprise established in 2006 and focusing on alginic acid products and chitosan products. Courage.

Zaodeli® allows Haijingling to stand on top of the hot tuyere and commanding heights of Shuang Algae Biostimulant Organic Water-soluble Fertilizer, and its brand power in the industry has become more prominent.

The "Thousands of Businesses, Thousands of Stores and Billions of People" project advances into the deep water area

Entering 2020, the "Thousands of Businesses, Thousands of Stores and Billions of People" project will advance into the deep water area.

As Li Guomin, president of Qingdao Haijingling Group, said, Haijingling’s vision is to become an international excellent agricultural and marine products enterprise. After years of painstaking precipitation and deep cultivation, the strategy has become more and more successful. In the alginic acid (rooting agent, Continue to refine and strengthen the four categories of fertilizers, organic fertilizers), chitin (rooting agent, foliar fertilizer, organic fertilizer), fish protein (foliar fertilizer, organic fertilizer), and raw materials (alginic acid, chitin).

On the basis of the more sophisticated product strategy, the "Thousands of Businesses, Thousands of Stores and Billions of People" project is also gradually advancing into the deep water zone. This is the first summit of the "Thousands of Businesses, Thousands of Stores and Billions of People" project. It also aims to discuss the future trend of special fertilizers with dealers and industry leaders and jointly promote the healthy and high-quality development of the special fertilizer industry.

Therefore, this summit is also a showcase for the "Thousands of Businesses, Thousands of Stores and Billions of People" project from initiation to implementation, and a brand new starting point. President Li said that in the next three years, Haijingling plans to build 100 core agents, 1,000 core retailers and 10,000 core users nationwide in the future, and grow together with hundreds of millions of Haijingling users.

The future of seaweed biostimulant water-soluble fertilizer is here

Xiong Sijian, secretary-general of the China Biostimulant Alliance, said that the global biocontrol market, biostimulants, agricultural microbial preparations have flourished in the past five years. The microorganisms and plant extract products in biostimulants can realize biostimulants and plant growth regulators. Dual function.

At present, China's chemical fertilizer market capacity is about 500 billion, water-soluble fertilizer is about 20 billion, organic fertilizer is about 100 billion, and microbial fertilizer is about 20 billion. Water-soluble fertilizer is the fastest growing sector in the future. In the next five years, China's water-soluble fertilizer will grow at a compound growth rate of more than 10-16%, and the development of biostimulants will become the focus. The marine sources (seaweed, chitin) among the biostimulants have become the most promising water-soluble fertilizer category, which belongs to its future.

As an enterprise specializing in special fertilizers such as seaweed fertilizer, chitin and fish protein, Haijingling has absolute technical strength and promotion advantages in the production and promotion of seaweed organic water-soluble fertilizer. Zaodeli® is used as a seaweed biostimulant. Representative, after intensive first-line promotion, it has emerged in the biostimulant industry.


Liu Jun, deputy head of Qingdao's agricultural administrative law enforcement detachment, also stated that for many years, the law enforcement detachment has adhered to the combination of combating fakes and helping the best, and has cultivated and expanded a number of agricultural production and operation enterprises. Haijingling is a representative seaweed fertilizer in Qingdao. Special fertilizer companies, with strong capital and technical strength, vigorously research and develop alginic acid and chitin raw materials, have high-tech production lines, and strictly control quality. The quality of seaweed series fertilizers is excellent and is well received by farmers. The launch of this new product of Deli® will inevitably escort farmers to improve quality, increase efficiency and increase production.

“Zaodeli ®" Hit the market

To seize the commanding heights of water-soluble fertilizer with biostimulant from double algae.

Real seaweed, made by Jingling.

This also means that Haijingling products must be fine products. The blockbuster launch of Zaodeli® also allows us to see the outstanding and mature tension of Haijingling, a leading company in China's seaweed fertilizer, in the promotion of new seaweed fertilizers and the path of creation.

No matter when, good products will always be the sharpest weapon for companies to penetrate the industry and the market. The penetrating power of a product also directly demonstrates the strategy and layout of an enterprise. Therefore, the launch of Zaodeli® also makes the product matrix of Haijingling "Kinghami" and "U-lemei" series of seaweed fertilizer families product more systematic and complete.


The water-soluble fertilizer products currently on the market are also mixed, with uneven product quality and serious homogeneity. So, where is the core differentiation of Zaodeli®? What are the unique performance effects?

According to Wang Pengjie, Marketing Director of Haijingling Group, Zaodeli® is advanced in the industry in terms of production technology and performance. The raw materials are from the Canadian deep sea algae. The process is a three-source enzymatic hydrolysis process from microbial sources, plant sources and animal sources. The development of the system, using seaweed oligosaccharide enzyme degradation process equipment to retain the active ingredients and nutrients.


Therefore, the technical indicators of Zaodeli® are alginic acid≧40%, organic matter≧30%, N+K2O≧13.5%, B:0.5%-1%, and the dosage form is dark green microparticles. The product has dark green, not stained, The distinctive features of high content, new dosage form, full water solubility and strong mixing. The international quality has been recognized in the European, South American, and North American markets, and the whole process can increase production by 10%-25%.

Zaodeli® is suitable for a variety of fruit and vegetable crops. Intensive experiments and demonstrations have been carried out on winter jujube in Dali, Shaanxi, green orange in Hainan, and grape in Binchuan, Yunnan, and have achieved excellent quality and yield enhancement effects.

The product is a plow, innovation and far-reaching. The release of a good product's domestic and foreign market power requires a solid team to support its landing promotion. Sam, Head of International Department of Haijingling Group, said that Haijingling Group has been committed to a global market layout. In recent years, its international business has been in full swing. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries at home and abroad, and its reputation in the world is growing. , The team is getting stronger and stronger. Zaodeli® will become our main export product for international business in the next three years. We are confident to promote it to countries that need it more and more, so that more foreign farmers can enjoy it and obtain high yields. Bumper harvest.


Good products have their own light-emitting properties, and good products can speak for themselves. Zaodeli ® has a strong fan effect once it went on the market, triggering an ordering boom from participating dealers, with a single order amount of nearly 10 million, and the industry's explosive properties are vividly demonstrated.


Let your feelings fall and crown your glory

How far you can go depends on who you walk with. Only people with the same frequency can arrive together.

In the long journey of 14 years of development, Haijingling Spirit naturally has many excellent partners' strong blessings. They are the softest tentacles and main arteries uploaded and distributed by Haijingling Spirit. It is precisely because of their unity and virtue that they created it. The sales of Haijingling are miraculous and brilliant. There are many of them who have been with us for 8 or 10 years, and some have just held hands for 3, 2 and 1 years.

Wang Lin, general manager of Shandong Dadi Hong, said, “I have a very deep feeling for Haijingling. Its seaweed fertilizer series products make the company more competitive in the Weifang market and bring tangible benefits to farmers. Thanks to the Haijingling team. Zaodeli® I have conducted an experimental demonstration last year, and I have a systematic plan and plan for the next promotion and sales.


Ning Miqiong, the general manager of Sichuan Jiaxing Agrochemical, said that his relationship with Haijingling began with the product, from the initial conventional seaweed fertilizer products to the later "Kinghami" and "U-lemei" series of seaweed fertilizers, with excellent performance. The difference is outstanding, and it is widely praised among farmers in Sichuan. Especially in the context of the severe drought in Sichuan this year, Haijingling’s seaweed fertilizer is still used for grapes in Xichang, and the harvest of kiwifruit in Pujiang has contributed greatly to the new product. The promotion of Zaodeli ® is also full of confidence.

Zhang Xulin, general manager of Sichuan Meishan City and Zhenghui Agriculture, also said, “I have been cooperating with Haijingling for nearly 4 years, but it is still a new recruit, but the promotion of seaweed fertilizer series products in Meishan Citrus District is already handy, so There are also high expectations for the promotion of Zaodeli®, a selling point organic water-soluble fertilizer."

Shi Mengying, general manager of Guangxi Huacheng Plant Protection Technology Service Co., Ltd., said, “We became acquainted with Haijingling in 2008, and it has been 12 years since this year. Haibao Fertilizer has always been popular among banana farmers in Nanning Banana District. And the large single product with an annual sales volume of 1,000 tons. Therefore, I have enough confidence in Zaodeli® to make another tens of millions of single products in the banana area."


It starts with the product and ends with feelings. Miao Xianjun, Changli, Hebei, and Cai Suwu, general manager of Shanxi Nongyou Agricultural Materials, also shared sincerely. Their simple words are full of deep friendship for the Haijingling spirit. Therefore, at this meeting, Shanghai Jingling also held a grand awards ceremony for these outstanding partners, setting up two major awards, the Excellent Agent Award and the Excellent Dealer Award, to let the feelings fall and crown the glory. Also draw a complete end to the summit.

Dapeng rises with the same wind in one day, soaring upwards 90,000 miles.” Now Haijingling is once again at the forefront of the double-algae source biostimulant organic water-soluble fertilizer industry due to the launch of Zaodeli®. I believe that in time, Zaodeli® It will bloom brilliantly and become the star product of seaweed organic water-soluble fertilizer. I hope that this single product will have a better growth space in the future, and it will actually benefit farmers. I also pray that the seaweed fertilizer power of Haijingling can be used With the double blessing of the thousands of shops and hundreds of millions of people, and Zaodeli®, ride the wind and waves and usher in a stronger leapfrog development!